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Service instructions

The first step is getting thoroughly familiar with the Auction rules, which are available in the part conditions at www.aukciedreva.sk. It is important to study the related agreements, without which it is not possible to obtain full access to timber auctions.

The second step is to register on the portal, either as buyers or sellers (registration consists in filling the registration form).

After the registration you will have the filled in necessary documents sent to your email address that are necessary to be printed, confirmed and sent to the address of LIS a.s. , also with the password.

Simultaneously with the sending of documents (Agreement with the buyer or caller , Consent with Auction rules) it is necessary to pay auction security of € 1,000 on the account of LIS a.s ., which still remains your property. This measure is very important in order to protect the portal against misuse , offering non-existing wood or bidding unrealistic prices by entities who really have no interest in the timber.

After verifying the correctness of the documents you sent and the accuracy of payments, our administrator will allow you full access to our portal i. e. you will be allowed to enter offers to sell timber or compete for the timber by bidding of the offered price. Within 24 hours after the end of each auction the Protocol on auction will be sent to the email addresses of the caller and the winner.

The above mentioned Protocol is also the basis for completion of the Sample purchase contract for the timber, which the caller and the auction winner are obliged to use within the meaning of the Auction rules in mutual trade.

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